Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Going down to the liquor store is such a pleasurable experience, all the colours and tastes to sear your mind and tongue, oh, at times it becomes too much and I fall to floor and have a seizure right there in the store from the thought of it. then my spirit leaves my body and wanders down the aisles, having little sips of everything, tasting the fine liqueurs and aperitifs. my spirit cannot get drunk but enjoys the taste and gets a warm glowing warming glow in it's spirit stomach. If I have still not woken from my seizure after a while, my spirit leaves the shop and goes down the street to taste some cheese.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Over the top of the man's hand came the other man's hand, were they arm wrestling or was this some strange intimate ritual that the onlookers could not understand? they seemed to slip and slide until in the eyes of the surrounding men, they became snakes entwined, slippery and beautiful. the onlookers shook and gasped as they began to swallow each other whole, and then all of a sudden they were gone, swallowed up and exited from the place. Everybody stood silently, unsure whether they were dreaming or drugged or simply witnessing some really freaky shit.

Monday, December 29, 2014


boiling water speeds to the surface the bubbles explode in magnificent waves that travel all the way over the surface. the pungent smell that escapes enters the nose of vietnamese fishermen. they find it most unpleasant and respond with great hacking sounds. Eventually it becomes too much, they jump overboard and attempt to drown, but are saved by giant carp that swoop them up and take them to a magical island. In this place they are regarded as kings by fairys in the woods, who build them wooden temples and dote on their every wish with dangled grapes and sighs of pleasure. "Oh", said one fisherman to the other, "how thankful I now am for that terrible smell."